Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Rm 3 Snorkeling Practise Slideshow

Watch our slideshow of us practising our snorkeling in the school pool today. We look really different with our masks on.

Snorkeling Practise

Here we are in our school pool
practising our snorkeling
so we are good at it when we
go to the Marine reserve on 7th March.
Amy was teaching us what to do and she
will be at the marine reserve with us too.

What Makes a Good Classroom?

Here we are brainstorming our ideas
in cooperative groups.
We put all our ideas together 
to make our class rules
for 2016.

Room 3 2016

Here we are... Room 3 of 2016 

Cooperative Group Work

We are working on cooperative groups.
This week we are working on the small group skill of having heads together when we work.
These people are working together on the floor so they can get close together during maths.

Mathlete of the Week: Week 2

Oliver was our Mathlete of the Week.
He scored 10,935 points.
Super work Oliver!

Student of the Week for Week 1

                          Congratulations Willow!
She was awarded the certificate for
always persisting at tasks in Room 3.

Student of the Week

Here is our student of the week in 
Room 3 for week 2.
Jake listens to instructions and 
follows them promptly.
Way to go Jake!

KIND Award Week 2

Congratulations to Chali! 
She is kind to her self by 
being ready for learning
and persisting at tasks.
Great way to start the year!

KIND Award Week 1

Congratulations Legacy for being recognised 
as our KIND student for week 1.
You are kind to others and include
new people in games and activities.

Room 3 Newsletter 15 February Edition

Monday, 15 February 2016


Today we started our reading routines in groups.
Here we are working on our different reading tasks.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Rm3 Swimming

Check out our swimming style. 
We are now swimming with Pat and 
she has got us going with 
our arms and legs and breathing

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Short Shorts of our holidays

We loved talking about our holidays and then writing down our special moments on a pair of shorts.
They are hanging up in our classroom for us all to read.
What do your favourite pair of shorts look like?


Wow! Room 3 have all bought their togs
For 2 days running.
We are working hard on opening our eyes
When our head is under water so we can see
Where we are going.
Our goal is to swim 200m by the end of the year.
How far can you swim?

Room 3 Newsletter 2 February Edition

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Room 3's Holiday Memories

Room 3 worked in cooperative groups to record holiday memories.
They then made their "short shorts" to hang on the wall. 
What holiday memories do you have?