Thursday, 14 May 2020

T2 W5 Ruby's Friendship Bunny

Stop motion: Friendship Bunny

Clink on the link to see some creativity by Ruby.
It was a challenge for me to work out how to put the link onto our blog. But I hope you enjoy it! 

Thursday, 7 May 2020

T2 W5 Wow - Made from Play-doh!

This Flower took me (Stephanie) a long time to make.
This flower is made out of play-doh! I saw how to make a flower, I saw half of it then I wanted to make a flower out of play-doh.

T2 W5 Master Home Bakers.

Here’s a picture of the cupcakes Kaydan made with his Aunty Krisharn. They were suppose to be red but they ran out of food colouring and so now they’re pink(ha ha). They still look yummy
don't you think?

Can you see Falcon putting some muscle into mixing his cake?

Well done boys, baking takes reading, comprehending procedures, math's with measurement and self control to not eat the yummy raw mixture to have success. It also brings a smile to all in your bubble as they get to eat it.

T2 W4 Bubble Life with Falcon

April 25 was ANZAC Day. Falcon and his whanau  created this lantern . The candle burns - lest we forget what the soldiers did to keep us safe.

Do you think Falcon (with his Brother) is doing mathletics? He told us on our google meeting how much he has loving it.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

T2 W4 Distance Learning

 Archie made this awesome Lego structure to tell everyone how good he is at making Lego. When preparing it Felix and he cleaned the wall X.D.
 Surge has been very busy in his bubble. Helping his sister with the baking and I found hinm in the Gisborne Harold. He made a clay tuarata, which even had scales.